Carlos A. Valencia, a member of the Dover First campaign, is running for 4th Ward Alderman in the Town of Dover’s general election on November 6, 2018. He has received tremendous support from Dover Democratic Committee Chairman and leader of the Dover First campaign Edward Correa, Dover for Dover campaign leader Tim Downs, and Morris County Democratic Committee Chairman Charles “Chip” Robinson.  

A Superior Court Judge in Morristown recently ruled in favor of Mr. Valencia when a challenge to the legitimacy of some of his votes was made.  The court case was very narrow in its scope, focusing exclusively on whether or not the questionable ballots were in fact cast by the voters.  Many other fraudulent factors were either ignored or not allowed to be presented at the trial. 

Nonetheless, Mr. Valencia prevailed and is now the candidate on the November 6th ballot.  

So, before you cast your votes, you should know the truth about Mr. Valencia. He was recently portrayed on the Dover First website as, “a civic leader, small business owner, and immigrant from Colombia.”  While these are all great qualities, they are quite misleading; there is much more to know about Mr. Valencia.  

Let’s take a closer look (all the following information was obtained through publicly available sources)

Criminal Arrests & Convictions

On May 5, 2005, Carlos A. Valencia was arrested by the Morris Township Police Department and charged with theft, a crime of the 4th degree, for stealing $331.00 in cash from the collection basket at St. Virgil’s Roman Catholic Church.

Mr. Valencia worked out a plea deal with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and was admitted into the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Program on August 24, 2005.  The PTI Program allows 3rd and 4th degree charges for first-time offenders to be put on hold for a period of probation, during which the defendant must refrain from criminal activity and meet certain conditions.  Failure to adhere to these terms reinstates the charges and propels the defendant directly to trial, bypassing the grand jury phase.  

Mr. Valencia’s PTI conditions were:

·  12 months supervised probation

·  100 hours community service

·  $200 in fees

·  No contact with St. Virgil’s Church

Unfortunately, the church thief was unable to refrain from engaging in criminal activity during his probationary period.  On November 9, 2005, less than three months after being admitted into the PTI Program, Mr. Valencia was arrested again, this time for engaging in an ongoing criminal scheme in Rockaway Township.  Mr. Valencia had been hired as a handy-man by an elderly township man to do some work around the man’s house.  Mr. Valencia befriended the man, obtained his confidence, and eventually gained access to his personal documents inside his home.  Over a six-month period between May and October 2005, Mr. Valencia stole, forged and cashed 14 of the man’s personal checks, totaling $6,348.45.  

Mr. Valencia also stole the man's vehicle title to his Dodge pickup truck and falsified it by re-titling it in his own name, so he could illegally take ownership of the vehicle.  

Once the scheme was discovered, Mr. Valencia was arrested by Rockaway Township Police and charged with committing 14 acts of Theft by Unlawful Taking and Forgery for stealing and cashing the checks, and Theft by Deception and Falsifying Records for stealing and altering the vehicle title, all crimes of the 3rd degree.  

The Rockaway Township arrest resulted in Mr. Valencia getting booted from the PTI Program, leaving him exposed to more than 20 years imprisonment and $67,500 in criminal fines for all his charges.  

Fortunately for Mr. Valencia, in a February 8, 2006 deal with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, he was able to plead guilty to the church theft, the check theft and forgery charges (the vehicle title charges were dismissed as part of the deal).  He was subsequently sentenced to:

·  2 years’ probation

·  $6,348.45 restitution to the elderly victim

·  100 hours community service   

But that’s not all!

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Valencia has had numerous civil judgements levied against him in Morris County Superior Court totaling over $270,000!  These lawsuits were related to Mr. Valencia failing to pay his debts to his mortgage company, financial institutions, health care facilities, physician groups, and other creditors.  

It’s apparent that Mr. Valencia has trouble managing money, so much so that he was willing the steal from a church and a trusting senior citizen through fraud and deception.  

This begs the question, as a town Alderman, can Mr. Valencia be trusted with your money?  

Can he be trusted to manage and spend your hard-earned tax dollars, in your best interest?  

Is this the best candidate Dover First can produce for the 4th Ward?  Do they even care? What type of unscrupulous person runs on their ticket? Is it because no one of good moral and character would even associate with this group and its devious leaders?  

It’s already been demonstrated that some of Dover First’s members and associates are deceptive, vindictive liars and criminals.  Now they are joined by Mr. Carlos A. Valencia!  

Are these really the type of people you want running your town?



Stay tuned to see who’s next up to bat from the Dover First crew….