Over the past several weeks, there has been a lot of dialogue at Dover town meetings regarding the “Dover First” campaign, its agenda, and the questionable character of some of its members. During the meetings, several people supporting Dover First and/or critical of the current town administration have addressed Mayor Dodd and the Board of Aldermen.

One such person is Dominic Timpani, a former town alderman who lost in his bid for re-election two times over the past several years. The last time he lost, it was against a write-in candidate supported by Mayor Dodd.

Mr. Timpani has a long history of making false claims against Mayor Dodd. One such complaint was filed in July 2011 with the NJ Department Community Affairs, which was determined to be unfounded and dismissed in December 2013. Coincidentally, in November 2011, Edward Correa, a leading member of Dover First, filed a similar complaint against the mayor with the Department Community Affairs, which was also unfounded and dismissed in January 2014. Within several weeks of these two dismissals, Mr. Timpani filed them again, with the very same agency that just exonerated the mayor! (Talk about wasting taxpayers’ money!!) 

The dates of these complaints are noteworthy because they fall within the timeframe of the mayor’s re-election campaigns and Mr. Timpani’s alderman campaigns, suggesting they were politically motivated. They were certainly without merit, so what other incentive could have driven Mr. Timpani? Despite these mean-spirited and malicious claims, the good people of Dover saw through them, re-elected the mayor and rejected Mr. Timpani’s quest for a seat on the Aldermen Board.

Fast forward to 2018, and here we go again. With the next mayoral election right around the corner, Mr. Timpani is at it again, making malicious and unsubstantiated allegations about the mayor. Furthermore, he’s joined his brethren from Dover First (including Edward Correa), coming to town meetings and spewing out more made-up and untrue claims against the mayor, claims they have not been able to substantiate. In fact, when challenged by the mayor to either provide proof of their claims or stop making them, neither was able to - they just moved on to other baseless claims.

Here’s a case in point: At the last town meeting (7/24/18), Mr. Timpani stood at the podium and, while trying to paint the mayor as a racist, actually used the “N” word when referencing Alderwoman Carolyn Blackman, the only African American on the Board. He did this during an unstable rant about the “Dover Liars Revealed” website. He was promptly ejected from the meeting, but before being walked out by police, his deceptive and hateful character was exposed, as follows:

The website was created for the purpose of exposing the dishonest and hypocritical members of Dover First. The website’s homepage has a drawing of a “Crooked Family Tree” with pictures of previously exposed Dover First members posted on it, including Alderwoman Blackman. The tree symbolizes the connection between these members in their “crooked” schemes.

Mr. Timpani, in his infinite wisdom, decided it would be a good idea to alter and manipulate the image of the tree, and present it at the town meeting as a replication of what appears on the website. He worked this scheme by taking a screenshot of the tree, superimposing it over larger images of real dead bodies hanging by the neck from trees, and adding the text “IT GOES BEYOND SEGREGATION”. He had this printed on a large poster, which he was attempting to show at the meeting as he was being tossed out. Fortunately, when he unrolled the poster, it was upside down and not all that discernable.

Mr. Timpani’s images conjure thoughts of a horrible time in our country when African Americans were savagely murdered by brutal racists. This is sick and scandalous – what was he thinking?!! He certainly wasn’t concerned about the effects his hateful words and poster might have on Alderwoman Blackman and other African Americans in the audience.



(see images below, including one flipped upside down to make it clearer)





So, who is Dominic Timpani, and why is he conducting himself in such a deplorable manner? Looking at his background reveals that getting thrown out of the town meeting was not his first encounter with the police. Let’s take a look…

As per a New Jersey public website containing criminal histories of people, and police reports acquired under OPRA, Dominic Timpani and a colleague were arrested in 1989 for trying to sell a large quantity of cocaine to an undercover police officer in Dover. The weight/volume of cocaine was so high that it qualified for first and second-degree drug possession/distribution charges. While the records don’t disclose specifics on what happened with the charges, it shows they were ultimately dismissed. Question: Does anyone know how drug dealers work their way out of serious criminal charges that would ordinarily send them to prison?

Then, in 1994, Mr. Timpani was arrested again, this time for trying to run down two Dover Police detectives with his car after they saw him engage in a suspected drug transaction. As he drove away from the area, the detectives approached him on foot, identified themselves and told him to pull his car over. Instead, Mr. Timpani accelerated the car and charged at them. Fortunately, they were able to jump out of the way and avoid serious injury, but Mr. Timpani fled the area. He was later taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault on law enforcement officers and eluding police. These are serious, second degree charges, but during plea negotiations, they were reduced in exchange for Mr. Timpani agreeing to an 18-month sentence to a probationary-type term known as PTI.

Oh, and for good-measure, as per his 1994 motor vehicle driver abstract, Mr. Timpani had accumulated 44 points on his driving record, which included charges for drunk driving and driving with a suspended/revoked driver’s license.

Mr. Timpani would have you believe that he cares about his community and its people, but his criminal history proves otherwise. Selling a significant quantity of highly addictive narcotics in our community and trying to seriously injure our police officers while fleeing from a suspected drug deal to avoid capture – these are not the marks of a man whose word can be trusted.

Rather, they reveal Dominic Timpani to be uncaring, hateful, deceptive, bitter and vindictive. He is a failed politician who, like several other high-level Dover First members, seeks revenge against Mayor Dodd, at any cost. His hatred for the mayor will lead him to say or do anything to smear him, especially during campaign season, including lying and filing redundant false reports with state law enforcement agencies, making hateful and racist comments, and spewing personal and malicious attacks, all while carrying a serious criminal history – what a hypocrite!




Dominic and Dover First – perfect together!

Stay tuned to see who’s next up to bat from the Dover First crew….