Fernando “Fercho” Barrios



Fernando “Fercho” Barrios is 25 a year-old resident of Dover. Leading up to the June 2018 primary elections, Mr. Barrios actively campaigned for several “Dover First” candidates running for alderman. Among them were Carlos Valencia, who is facing serious voter fraud allegations filed in Superior Court in Morristown, and Carolyn Blackman, whose deceptive, hypocritical, and unethical behavior was recently revealed to the public. 

Today, we reveal the truth about Mr. Barrios and his sketchy background. A simple examination of his encounters with law enforcement, all available as public record, demonstrates his questionable character:

  • Since Mr. Barrios began to drive (approximately eight years ago), he has received at least 40 motor vehicle summonses and had his driver’s license suspended five times. 

  • On at least seven occasions between September 2012 and December 2016, Mr. Barrios was stopped by the police for various motor vehicle violations, and found to be, in full defiance of the law, driving while his license was suspended. He was charged appropriately, and ultimately pled guilty to them all (merging one).

  • On January 17, 2014, Mr. Barrios was arrested by the Wharton Police Department on a warrant from Denville for Contempt of Court. He ultimately pled guilty in Denville. 

  • On September 20, 2015, Mr. Barrios was arrested by the Morris Plains Police Department for driving with a suspended license, which he pled guilty to.

  • In 2017, Mr. Barrios applied to the Dover Police Department to become a police officer but was not hired – is it any wonder?  

And at present, there is an active lawsuit in Morris County Superior Court that alleges a fraudulent voting scheme perpetrated by Dover First candidate Carlos Valencia and others, in which campaign workers, like Mr. Barrios, obtained illegal votes (see below excerpt from Ronald M. Camacho vs. Carlos A. Valencia et al.):


Fernando “Fercho” Barrios with Dover First campaign



To summarize, Dover residents are being manipulated by the “Dover First” political campaign in order for its members to seize control of the town’s government in an act of vengeance against the current administration, and for their own purposes – NOT IN THE INTEREST OF THE CITIZENS OF DOVER. 

The Dover First crowd is littered with manipulative and deceptive members whose character falls far short of what the residents of Dover deserve.  

Carolyn Blackman was exposed in the first post on this website to be hypocritical, unethical and deceptive. Fernando Barrios, one of the campaign’s primary foot soldiers, follows closely in her footsteps with a long history of unlawful and deceptive behavior.


Stay tuned as more is revealed in the coming weeks!